29 September 2014

The Trouble With Fruit

by Cheryl / 2 Comments

There are two kinds of people in this world: fruit folk and veg folk. There’s really  nothing in between except perhaps greengrocers,  but they’ve had a calling to a higher purpose – profiting from our colorectal health. I’m veg folk. That I am a veg lover today is in spite of my family’s history of culinary experimentation with […]

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24 September 2014

My Slip Is Showing

by Cheryl / 1 Comment

Working from home means that an effort sometimes needs to be made on one’s appearance, for being unshowered and wearing loungewear all day can have an impact on the morale of your co-workers, not to mention your own sense of ambition and accomplishment. When your home-office colleague comes upstairs to discuss the book-keeping with you and you […]

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11 September 2014

The Miracle of Birth

by Cheryl / No Comments

A quick thanks here to all the folks who have purchased my ebook. The response has been enough to spur work on another collection of stories. While I stare at the keyboard in silence, a trail of spittle stretching from my slack bottom lip to the desk below, I’ll be putting samples of that work here, along with smaller items that I […]

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